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Sports Journal Photos offers the most unique, high quality, and competitively priced photo program in the United States. Our program is available to your club at prices that make your fund raising goals easily achievable! Simply add whatever amounts you wish to our low priced, quality packages and we custom print your club’s custom prices on flyers supplied free of charge!

Inside or outside, our professionally trained photographers create images that last for a lifetime. For outdoor shoots, we can enhance your photographs with colorful borders and graphics customized for your club. For indoor shoots, we use advanced GREEN SCREEN technology to bring World Class Stadiums and other colorful custom backgrounds into your players’ photos. By controlling the entire photo program, from the printing of custom promotional flyers, production of photo packages in our modern labs, full time customer service representatives to handle questions or problems and complete bookkeeping and accounting services, we can insure that your parents and players receive only the finest in quality and service.

With over 3 decades of quality service and experience in the youth sports market, we offer exclusive services, at truly competitive prices!

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